Niki Bunker

Niki Bunker Niki Bunker is the Senior Vice President of Loan Servicing at Westerra Credit Union. She oversees and directs loan servicing which encompasses commercial servicing, collections, recoveries, fraud and loan audit controls for a 1.4 billion dollar Credit Union. She is responsible for controlling and mitigating losses for the Credit Union. Niki and her teams have delivered record performances in delinquency and loss results. While leading many key operational changes for the Credit Union she is currently a champion in leading a Shared Vision Initiative with the focus on improving efficiencies and effectiveness for the entire organization.Niki is focused on her continued goals of minimizing losses, standardizing organizational processes and improving opportunities for employees. Niki is known for her strong conflict management skills and is certified in Leading Difficult Teams, Leading People and Exercising Influence.

Niki has experience in corporate and cooperative organizations. She has been in leadership roles since 1998, and remarkably, achieved her leadership roles based on her ongoing learning objectives and dedication in helping others.

Niki was born and raised in rural Nebraska. While not a native of Colorado she has been in the state for 26 years. She resides south of Denver in Castle Rock with her husband, amazing 8 year old twin boys and her 21 year old step-daughter, a Metro State college student. While time does not allow for many hobbies, she does enjoy her book clubs, volunteering at her boys’ local charter school, obstacle course races and many other activities enjoyed in the great outdoors of Colorado.

Niki subscribes to a servant leadership approach. She believes being a true leader means learning how to serve others.

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